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Today is the Mid-Aut

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Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the day of family reunion. Listening to Xiaoxuan said that on the evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the old and young in Taotao Town will gather together to burn the kiln Printable Carton Newport Cigarette, which is fun! I listened straight and decided to experience the fun of burning kiln in forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, finally looking forward to the evening. With excitement, I came to an open space next to Xiaoyan's house. I saw that my brothers and sisters had already built two kiln babies, one was a kiln and the other was a pot kiln. The bottoms of the two kiln are surrounded by a few bricks, and there is a gap between the bricks and a kiln door. When the kiln is burned, the firewood is put in from the kiln door. The upper part of the kiln is piled into a spire with tiles, and there is also a gap between the tiles. The kiln is like a small and delicate pagoda. On the side of the kiln, there is a lot of firewood, which is used to burn. The upper part of the pot kiln does not have tiles, but a pot of oil, which is specially used for fried food. The table on the right side of the pot kiln is filled with hot dogs, ham, chicken wings and other foods to be fried.tarted to burn oil, my sister poured oil into the pot Marlboro Cigarettes With Gold Band, and my brother added firewood to the kiln. After a while, by the bright moonlight, I saw a small bubble popping out of the oil. "The oil is on! The oil is on!" I cried happily. My brother listened and quickly picked up the chopsticks and pinched the hot dog, ham and other food into the pot. Suddenly, a dozen small friends are all around the kiln, staring at the food in the pot, and the saliva will flow out! After a while, I didn't know who called out: "That hot dog seems to be cooked!" The atmosphere suddenly became active, and it was too loud to make a fuss: "Is it going to be burnt?" "Who will not grab me with me?" Chicken wings!" "How are you still not familiar?" Under the influence of this atmosphere, the fire seems to be a lot stronger. Soon, the smell of fragrant smell permeated the air. "Haha! Delicious food is going to go out! Look at the cats, serve!" The brother said with a chopstick to the delicious taste of the pot, and said funnyly. At this point, everyone is fully prepared to take chopsticks and stare at the food, waiting to launch an offensive. A plate with gourmet food is served on the table. A few pairs of chopsticks are like a sharp sword. I am not willing to show weakness. I take the chopsticks to the target-hot dog clip, and I will clip the spoils back at lightning speed. With a hot mouth, I can't wait to smother it in my mouth, and taste the taste of the crispy outside Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Carton. Everyone��s eating is really different: the slow-selling and careful tasting, the gorging and solving, the greedy scald mouth wow wow... Here, Grandpa is already burning the kiln. I rushed over and took a big fan to cool the kiln. The more flaming the kiln fire, the more red and the red, and the small faces around it will be red. The kiln fire seems to be a roaring fire dragon smashing out of the gaps in the tiles, and the little sparks are constantly jumping out of the kiln Buy Newports Cheap In The Usa, which is very interesting! The more the tiles burned, the more red, and I screamed with ecstasy: "The tiles are red! The tiles are red!" Suddenly, the friends immediately rushed from the pot kiln. At this moment, the tiles slammed down and the flames leaped out from the inside. "Europe! The kiln is collapsed!" "Europe! Come out and fly!" "Europe! �� everyone cheered andusehold, and the whole street looked like a fire dragon. In the moonlight, in front of the house, the reunion people are surrounded by kiln, some are tasting food, some are inviting to the moon, some are playing and playing, some are singing and dancing, some are pulling home, some On the phone, some of them simply took out the mat and laid it next to the kiln Order Marlboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa, ready to sleep with the moon... The whole street was immersed in the joy of the fire kiln!

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