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I love grilling and I love smoked fish...

Smoked Fish can be served hot or cold or mixed with cream cheese to make a dip.

I prefer charcoal over gas and I use my Weber Grill to smoke fish.

I soak the wood for 30 minutes to a few hours and when the coals are hot and ready I place several large chunks of wood on the coals to create the smoke. I place the fish on the side of the grill not over the coals and the ven over the fish to allow the smoke to flow through the fish.

I prefer Apple or Peach Chunks over Mesquite. (Mesquite is great for Hamburgers or quick smoke but longer smoking [mesquite] tends to make the food have an unpleasant after taste)

Other woods are cool too but steer clear of mesquite or Kingston Mesquite Charcoal if your doing something that truely needs to be smoked.

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