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From The Front Desk: WEAK 3 Hello

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. I just wanted to let you know— in case you didn’t already— that the Jacksonville Jaguars odds to win the Super Bowl are 9-1. Okay <a title="Youth Donte Moncrief Jersey" href="">Youth Donte Moncrief Jersey</a> , let’s get started.Request to the CommishMr. Commish,I am writing to you in regards of the upcoming Week 5 matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars #DUUVAL (鈩?) and the Kansas City Chiefs (feat. Patrick “Did you know he was a baseball player?“ Mahomes). First off, the football gods couldn’t have gifted you a better game. But you wouldn’t know that if it hit you in the face. So what can you do about flexing that matchup to a Sunday night game? Hell, let this be the official rallying cry of the movement #GENJAG.COMMYLESJACKWASN’TDOWN.Sincerely,marhsimRoast of the weekI cannot wait for Andrew Norwell to pancake him all the way to Hellmann’s headquarters. Congrats to MadeByTim on winning the Roast of the Week!Murder <a title="Youth T.J. Yeldon Jersey" href="">Youth T.J. Yeldon Jersey</a> , She WroteGather round children, and listen to this tale of those pesky ‘ole Jaggywars.And that’s how you retire a team.It’s almost as fun trolling Steelers fans as it is hearing Patriots fans whine about the ref.(Milk) Dud of the weekThe most interesting piece of information to come out of this is that Leonard Fournette smells like mayonnaise, according to Blake Bortles. Because of this, I don’t think he’ll have a good game Sunday, The Titans — especially Jurrell Casey — are known for their innate mayo detection senses (M.A.Y.D.A.R.) to seek out mayo-like scents and feast on them. It’s been shown to sustain them for weeks. Leonard gets 20 carries for 65 yards. That’s my prediction. We’ll still win though. There’s been plenty of focus on the quarterback position in Jacksonville this week <a title="Youth Ronnie Harrison Jersey" href="">Youth Ronnie Harrison Jersey</a> , but head coach Doug Marrone noted last Sunday and again on Wednesday that there’s more to the team’s three-game losing streak than the play of one player.Members of the Jaguars defense agree with Marrone. While the unit still ranks near the top of the league in points and yards allowed, they’ve been less impressive against the run and have forced just five turnovers over the course of the season.Safety Tashaun Gipson said that opposing offenses are more comfortable against the Jaguars than they were last year and believes “we’re not playing with that type of urgency, that type of anger, that type of aggression” that defined the team on their way to a division title.“We used to take the field and there was just an aura and confidence,” Gipson said <a title="Youth Jalen Ramsey Jersey" href="">Youth Jalen Ramsey Jersey</a> , via “Not cockiness. An aura and a confidence and people mistake it for cockiness because of the type of guys that we have over here. Some guys are very vocal. But we’re not playing with that. And I think that’s what it comes down to.”The defense isn’t going to be able to turn around the team’s fortunes on its own, but it’s hard to imagine the Jaguars season amounting to much if the unit isn’t in top form.

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