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In a story June 27 about a sports exhibit at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum Cole Beasley Jersey Womens , The Associated Press reported erroneously that the memorial and museum president was named Alice M. Greenwood. Her surname is Greenwald.


A corrected version of the story is below:

Museum exhibit highlights impact of sports after 9/11

New exhibit at 9/11 Memorial & Museum highlights impact of sports after 2001 attacks


AP Sports Writer

NEW YORK (AP) – A new exhibit at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum highlights the impact of sports after the 2001 attacks, including the Mets’ win in New York’s first major sporting event after 9/11.

”Comeback Season: Sports After 9/11” explores how sports helped unite the country and features interviews with athletes such as Hall of Fame catcher Mike Piazza.

”In that first game back, the home team came back and won,” said Piazza, whose two-run homer for the Mets in the eighth inning on Sept. 21, 2001, lifted the team past Atlanta. ”That’s exactly the lesson the city, the country and the world needed to see that night.”

Carol Gies attended that game with her three sons and celebrated the moment in the stands. Her firefighter husband, Lt. Ronnie Gies, died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

”When that ball went over the wall, I saw my children smile for the very first time since they lost their dad,” she said in an oral history recording.

The exhibit covers various sports, including football, hockey, basketball, soccer, NASCAR, the New York City Marathon and the 2002 Winter Olympics. The story is told in nine chapters, using archival sports footage and testimonies from athletes, coaches and 9/11 families.

It opens with the U.S. Open final of Venus vs. Serena Williams on the weekend before the attacks. It moves through the cancellation of events Saquon Barkley Game Jersey , including the first stoppage of Major League Baseball since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt in 1945.

The Mets’ and Giants‘ stadiums were used as recovery and supply sites after the attacks. Piazza’s jersey, his batting helmet with ”NYPD” taped on the back and John Franco’s FDNY hat are on display.

So is Pat Tillman’s Army Ranger uniform, on loan from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Tillman, an Arizona Cardinal player, enlisted after 9/11 and died in Afghanistan.

New York Rangers Mike Richter, Eric Lindros and Mark Messier are pictured during a visit to thank rescue workers at ground zero on Sept. 16.

There’s a quote from Mets manager Bobby Valentine: ”When we went down there the first time, you could still smell it. You could still feel it. You could see the filth on the faces of the workers. When they saw us, their faces lit up. You could see their teeth through their black masks.”

A letter from 10-year-old Brielle Saracini to Derek Jeter dated Sept. 14 is on display. She explains to her favorite player that her father, Victor Saracini, was a pilot of hijacked Flight 175 that crashed into the south tower. Soon after, Jeter called to invite Brielle, her sister and mother to a game.

In the World Series, the Yankees hosted the Arizona Diamondbacks among heightened security for Games 3, 4, 5 at Yankee Stadium, just 14 miles from ground zero. Video shows Jeter hitting a walk-off home run in Game 4 and jumping into the arms of teammates at home plate.

Michael Jordan is pictured with members of the military before a Washington Wizards vs. Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 30. Jordan had pledged his entire year’s salary to the 9/11 relief effort.

”Through the lens of sports, this exhibition celebrates the strength of the human spirit and our capacity to come together and support one another through unimaginable grief,” 9/11 Memorial & Museum President Alice M. Greenwald said. ”This story provides additional points of entry into the complex story of 9/11 to better understand our history and the impact it had on our world today, to reflect on our own lived memories from that time and to feel inspired by stories about the best of humanity.”

The exhibit was sponsored in part through the support of the Anheuser-Busch Foundation, MLB Sean Lee Jersey Womens , the New York Mets and their chief operating officer, Jeff Wilpon. It runs through the summer of 2019.

On the night LeBron James began the second round of the playoffs, a computerized Cavalier tormented teams the way the real Cleveland superstar does.


The NBA is betting there are enough fans for both versions.

The league is staging the opening tournament this week of its NBA 2K League , hoping to cash in on the combination of the global popularity of basketball and the burgeoning business of esports.

Television ratings have soared in recent years to watch James, the rise of the Warriors, and a thrilling era of high-flying dunkers and long-range snipers. But will fans really race to their computers to watch other people sitting around playing video games?

”I think the esports universe is answering that question for us,” NBA 2K League managing director Brendan Donohue said. ”People are completely, 100 percent engaged with watching others play games. I think Twitch is walking proof of that, and all the success these other games have had. The esports space has doubled in size the last three years and every prediction is it’s going to double in size the next three years, so I think we’re almost beyond that question a little bit.”

So do NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and many of his owners. Donohue said the league hoped to get eight to 12 teams for its inaugural season and instead got 17, with enough interest remaining that he expects rapid expansion. Some owners of NBA clubs were already invested in popular esports such as Overwatch and League of Legends and had seen their arenas host well-attended competitions even before the league created the first official esports league operated by a U.S. professional sports league.

”Esports are big and getting bigger. 2K is a way to connect not only with gamers, but gamer fans and to turn both into NBA and Mavs fans and vice versa,” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wrote in an email. ”We think we can take traditional NBA fans, 2K fans and strengthen the bond they have to the NBA.”

Each of the major sports leagues is looking to claim its share of what Newzoo, the market research firm, reports will be a $1 billion industry by 2019.

The opening day of the Tipoff tournament had some excitement, highlighted by two 40-point performances by Cavs Legion GC’s Brandon Caicedo, who plays under the handle Hood. (The players are playing as themselves, not the guys on the NBA’s Cavaliers.) But the league was already encouraged by the response even before the games began.

When Cuban’s team used the No. 1 pick on Artreyo Boyd (Dimez) in the draft, Donohue said 450 Jaire Alexander Jersey Youth ,000 watched on Twitch, the streaming service popular with video-game players that will feature NBA2K action. More than 40 percent of that audience was from outside the U.S., providing the international eyeballs that have been so crucial to the NBA. Some of the players drafted that day bring their own individual fan bases that have watched streams of their games in other competitions, and even people who don’t know the competitors may know enough about basketball to watch anyway.

Kings Guard Gaming’s Mitchell Franklin, the No. 4 overall pick whose gamer handle is Mootyy, said that’s what separates NBA 2K from Overwatch League and Dota 2, which draw huge esports audiences.

”Me, and I know I’m not the only person, I know there’s tons, if you don’t know what’s going on, you turn it on, you don’t know what’s going on,” he said. ”With 2K, it’s very similar to basketball. It’s not like any unique twists or turns to it, so the average basketball fan, anyone and their mother that’s ever picked up a basketball can literally flip it on and really see and understand what’s happening.”

The only thing the league can’t provide, at least for the first season, is the live atmosphere of playing in the arena. All games and tournaments will take place in a Long Island City studio, which features a first-of-its-kind competition venue in which the teams sit five on a side, diagonally from the player at their same position Dallas Goedert Jersey , with monitors in front of them and a huge video board called ”the boat” above. There’s a table above the playing stage for the pregame studio analysts and one gameside for the duo calling the game, making it look just like an NBA game.

Except that there are only about 115 seats for fans, so teams playing Warriors Gaming Squad won’t face anywhere near the noise they would if traveling to Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Donohue said perhaps next season the league would experiment with taking some games on the road, but doesn’t seem concerned about the location for now.

”We think the vast majority of the audience, no different than any sport, is actually outside of the building,” he said. ”So no different for us.”

The NBA is treating the gamers just like players, including the same rookie transition program that first-year players receive, where they get everything from media training to lessons about sleep and nutrition, and explanations of their benefits.

And they will receive the same power of the league’s marketing arm, which has made one-name stars of its players for years and now will attempt to do the same with its gamers.

”I think now you combine the same talents, you have NBA teams and the NBA, you have 2K and their story telling and the incredible talents they have,” Donohue said. ”It’s the same folks who are actually doing the story telling, so I think it’s a great opportunity for us. And some of the stories are incredible.”

Such as Wizards District Gaming’s Austin Painter, who left a State Department job shortly before th.

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