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What are others thoughts on this issue?

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I have been chatting with a few mates who fish lakes right throughout the year. And after three or so years of fishing regularly they have come to the conclusion that fishing lakes for trout in this part of the world just doesn’t seem as productive in winter. Lakes I am talking about are mainly in the west from Lake Fyans, Toolondo, Moorabool, Newlyn, Hepburn and Tullaroop. They have noticed considerably reduced catches compared to the warmer months, perhaps excluding heat waves in January/February.

Now this doesn’t make sense to me. Trout are a cold-water fish, they should enjoy these temperatures. Also, lakes somewhere like the South Island of New Zealand probably have our winter temperatures in summer, so it shouldn’t be below trouts normal feeding limits. Maybe it's the case that even if temperatures aren’t that low, they are at their lowest point throughout the year and trout metabolism naturally shuts down at a low point.

What are others thoughts on this issue? Is trout fishing lakes for trout worse in winter?
Please help.

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Thank you.

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