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Ok so as most of you know I run a guide business taking people fishing off the beach. Just this week I had a trip with 2 guys that have never surf fished and wanted to catch shark. The trip started as they always do, I met with my clients we got out and setup, I got them equipped and lines in the water all was well most of the evening. About 3 am the wind died off and mosquitos came out. I applied bug spray and told them they should too. The one guy did but the other guy who was from South Africa felt he didn't need to. Around 4 am that same guy started saying he was really itchy and he couldn't open his eyes. I turned my head lamp onto him and to my surprise his eyes were completely swollen shut, his upper lip swollen 3 times its normal size and he looked like George foreman was beating on him for hours. At that instant I told him we were leaving. I had the other guy keep him talking and checking to make sure he was ok while I packed as fast as I could.  I got him into the truck and hauled off the beach, got them to their car and had the one guy drive it behind me to the er. I kept him calm and talking the whole way so he wouldn't panic. We got to the er and he was seen immediately. He was given meds and slept for 3 hours while being monitored. He was released a little worse for wear but ok. His buddy took him home and thankfully everything ended well. My point of this story is always be prepared if I hadn't known where the nearest hospital was and had a plan in place for an emergency things could have gotten bad quickly. It turns out he had a severe allergy to mosquitos. He thought because in Africa they are bad he could manage them here. He never been attacked since badly so quickly. Always be prepared and have a plan in place. Before and after pics. 



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Nice job dude. I hope they tipped well! 

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