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maine fishing
Southern Maine Fishing Report December, 2016

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Southern Maine Fishing Report

Hey, it’s not every day you get a chance to talk to Brady! Of course, the “Brady” I’m referring to is not number 12 but the Brady of Dag’s Bait in Auburn, who is pretty famous in his own right! While this Brady had little to say about the Jets game this Saturday, he did say that the Sabattus “pike-factory” was in operation. This spot has always been a go-to place for numbers of pike but in recent years the fish seem to be getting bigger! Brady’s been catching a few pike from the Andro but nothing bigger than 10 pounds yet but the feeling is that with the impending low pressure front coming in through Saturday, those bigger pike may be more in the mood to feed!

For black bass give the basin a try which leads into Lake Auburn, big largemouth are known to cruise among this place. For not only largemouth, but smallies as well as brown trout and brook trout, Worthley Pond in Peru is a winner. This pond is the recipient of a recent stocking and some of the brown trout were 19″ beauties! Opt for larger shiners than you would for brook trout, set up your traps just off of points descending into deeper water and you might catch a brood stock brown trout! Renee of Sebago Bait said that regulars are expecting a solid season at Sebago Lake this year which would be a refreshing change from last season. Meanwhile anglers are keeping busy with brookies from the Otter Ponds and Parker Pond as well as browns and rainbows from Little Sebago.

Maine Fishing Forecast

While you may be wishing that Winnipesaukee would open tomorrow, there are several other nearby “Ws” which are winners. Waukewan is known for its rainbow trout and smallmouth bass. Drop a trout worm close to the shore of White Lake and you may best a brookie. Wicwas in Meredith is a better choice for both species of black bass with panfish another option. Sabattus remains one of Maine’s better choices for having an impressive day for pike. While Worthley is worth a shot if you’d like to tangle with brook trout and brown trout. Above all, be. safe out there and I hope you have the absolute happiest of holidays and a merry, merry Christmas!


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