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Last night was a blast catching several Reds on live minnows from my Jet Ski, soon as it hit the water it was fish on. An hour after I caught them I was having dinner! I saw many kayaks and boats out on a pretty evening. This morning I was watching the sun come up over the bay and an Osprey flew by with his fresh flounder catch. He landed in my backyard and had breakfast. I have not posted recently, been busy with several other things. Just thought I would share some of my recent pictures, I even managed to get a shot of an Oyster squirting.

If you would like to go on a Jet Ski Adventure give me a call at 757-342-5780 to book a trip.





yak55609520x368-1.jpg yakgirlfish44520x449-1.jpg yakgirlclose44520x493-1.jpg yak556520x298-1.jpg yak223520x324-1.jpg yaker44525520x296-1.jpg yakers445520x311-1.jpg

squirt33520x301-1.jpg squirt3322520x311-1.jpg swallow44345x520-1.jpg swallow22520x421-1.jpg

skimmerss33520x163-1.jpg skimmer556520x333-1.jpg skimmer444520x318-1.jpg skimmer443520x336-1.jpg skimmer333520x366-1.jpg


grady334520x295-1.jpg debbrho33520x304-1.jpg osprey456520x346-1.jpg jamie443520x291-1.jpg jamie66520x405-1.jpg

rays332520x320-1.jpg rays222520x337-1.jpg rayski332520x345-1.jpg ray3344520x362-1.jpg

doplhin443520x251-1.jpg dolphinclose44520x304-1.jpg dolphin4453520x358-1.jpg dolphin332520x379-1.jpg blow334520x389-1.jpg






jelouseosprey520x509-1.jpg ospreyeat390x520-1.jpg ospreyflounder553520x412-1.jpgospreystare22345426x520-1.jpg


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