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Jet Ski Spadefish- A-Rama!

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I ran to the Chesapeake Light Tower on my jet ski mid morning yesterday, looking down I could see hundreds of Spade Fish so I could not resist the urge to get in the 63 degree water to spear a couple. Felt good to be in the water! Saw a lot of Spades, a couple Sheepshead and some really big Tautog that are not in season.

I also ran around a lot looking to see if there were any Cobia cruising around.

Have a great and safe Memorial weekend. Thanks to all who have fallen enabling us to enjoy our freedoms!

If you want to be a Jet Angler look at Jet Ski Fishing and Adventures or call me at 757-342-5780 to book a trip.




ribeach998520x266-1.jpg cbbouy556265x520-1.jpg gen2track778520x366-1.jpg

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brianwspades8897520x222-1.jpg spademouth22520x448-1.jpg spadeeye226520x456-1.jpg

twoadults2273520x455-1.jpg adultpaireagle773520x440-1.jpg eagleland334520x391-1.jpg juvystare3712424x520-1.jpg


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