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Jet Ski Brian

Slow Fishing But Plenty To See!

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I went fishing along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on Thursday and Friday last week, half a day each time. Water temp was still only 49 degrees. I was using live fiddler crabs and fresh clam. I had no bites and talked to a couple other boaters that had no luck either. Need a couple more degrees on the water temp and I am confident the bite will pick up. I still had a good time being out on the jet ski. Here are a couple of pictures I took the last couple of days. The one with the moon and plane was a shot I have been trying to get for a while.

If you would like to go on a Jet Ski Fishing or Sightseeing Adventure check out Jet Ski Fishing and Adventures Inc. or give me a call at 757-342-5780.


twoosprey443-1.jpg twoinflight55-1.jpg twoflyosprey3345-1.jpg twodolphin332-1.jpg

twodarkosprey3356-1.jpg threedolphin332-1.jpg thelook2233-1.jpg sunriseospreyfishtree-1.jpg

sunrise554-1.jpg sunrise445-1.jpg smiledolphin2232-1.jpg seal667-1.jpg

screameagle5562-1.jpg planeandmoon33-1.jpg perchedeagle4453-1.jpg partmoon-1.jpg

paironbranch334-1.jpg ospreywfishsun44-1.jpg ospreyscream66-1.jpg ospreyrealclose-1.jpg

ospreyprofile5567-1.jpg ospreyfly333-1.jpg ospreyeating334-1.jpg ospreycloseup3345-1.jpg

northernflicker223-1.jpg noheadosprey66-1.jpg morningeagle-1.jpg luckytwo33-1.jpg

lotodolphin5543-1.jpg lcu2006-1.jpg lcac86-1.jpg jumpingdolphin555-1.jpg

fullospreystare6668-1.jpg fulleaglefly44532-1.jpg fourdolphin-1.jpg fluffedup3956-1.jpg

eagletakeflight6667-1.jpg eaglesitting4453-1.jpg eagleperch453-1.jpg eaglelookingatme8856-1.jpg

eagleleave444-1.jpg eagleintree334-1.jpg eagleinbonsai-1.jpg eaglegettingbombed332-1.jpg

eagleflyoff555-1.jpg eaglefly33456-1.jpg duckevileye-1.jpg dolphinjump22-1.jpg

closeuposprey334-1.jpg caughtinact334-1.jpg bristowstation06-1.jpg bridgepile4453-1.jpg

baldleavenest443-1.jpg wakedolphin332-1.jpg seal44-1.jpg


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