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Jet Ski Brian

Cold Water!

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I took my jet ski out of Crab Creek boat ramp on Saturday and ran around Cape Henry and then the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel. Never saw any water temps above 36.5 degrees and did not see any bait or Whales this time. Not too often we see snow along the beach here in Virginia. It was still a good time running around in flat and glassy conditions. Thinking of fishing the Elizabeth or James River this week. Here are some pictures I took this weekend.

If you want to go on a Jet Ski Fishing Adventure give me a call at 757-342-5780.



stuckseal-1.jpg privateIslandseal-1.jpg makinglikearock-1.jpg sealpadlers-1.jpg headrock-1.jpg gothimcornered-1.jpg fearsomefoursome-1.jpg RockParty-1.jpg

boatbyrocks-1.jpg peopleonboat-1.jpg scotterrun-1.jpg scootin-1.jpg oldsquawsfly-1.jpg GotAPair-1.jpg

rudeeflipper22-1.jpg snowski-1.jpg bridgebirds-1.jpg overmyheadeagle-1.jpg darkeagle55-1.jpg


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