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Jet Ski Brian

Taking Flight and Pretty Slim Pickens

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It has been “Slim Pickens” as in the name of the commercial netter I saw off of Virginia Beach, his nets had only Dog Sharks in them.

I made another jet ski run along the coast in big 5-6 foot swells left over from Sundays blow. There was icy slush at Owls Creek boat ramp in Rudee Inlet Virginia beach when I dropped yesterday morning. Even though it was cold it was still a nice ride with calm winds.

I ran to False Cape, then 15 miles out, then to the Chesapeake Light Tower and finally back into Cape Henry where I trolled a couple of hours and whale watched.

Not a single bite but there was a lot of bait near shore so if the Striped Bass ever come in they will definitely have something to eat.

Taking Flight!

I spent Sunday getting all of my jet skis cleaned up and put indoors in preparation of temperatures getting as low as 10 degrees this week. An unusual event here in coastal Virginia.

The Bald Eagles around my house were steadily working on their “Condo”, they built it seven years ago and it gets bigger every year.

I took some time to stand in my yard, camera in hand and try and get a decent shot of them flying about.

Here are some “Taking Flight” pictures that I took.

Back to fishing in a couple days after the “Freeze”.



blownawayatcapehenry-1.jpg BabyGotBackHumpback-1.jpg alby22-1.jpg twointree33-1.jpg throughthetreeseagle44-1.jpg

surfsup-1.jpg slimpickens-1.jpg rockysurf-1.jpg paddle101-1.jpg owlscreek334-1.jpg

onthehunt-1.jpg maruader-1.jpg laidbackyaker-1.jpg incoming-1.jpg humpbackoffvabeach-1.jpg

gottail-1.jpg geezn-1.jpg eagleinflight2284-1.jpg eaglecondo-1.jpg divers44-1.jpgflybymeeagle556-1.jpgeaglesoar55-1.jpg eagleprofile229-1.jpg


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