11.19.2013 Nice Cbass, Reef Restoration

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Fish Report 11/19/13 </SPAN>

Nice Cbass Fishing </SPAN>

A Weather Window </SPAN>

Reef Restoration's Importance </SPAN>

This Thursday & Friday Coming Look To Be Very Calm & Fishable.. (11/21 & 22) Some Spots Available.. </SPAN>

Going Long — Sea Bass — 5:30 AM to 4 PM — Wed, November 27th — 21 Anglers Sells Out (and unlikely) — $150.00 — High Probability Of Bites On The Jig. </SPAN>

Will Open December Sea Bass Trips Via Email Only Pending Weather Forecasts. </SPAN>

Sailing Daily – Including Sundays (When Weather Allows!) (..but not Thanksgiving Day!) </SPAN>

Reservations For Sea Bass Trips at 410 - 520 - 2076. </SPAN>

New-To-The-Boat Clients can see much more info at</SPAN> </SPAN>

And, From Coastal Fisherman, See Our "Show You Around The Boat" Video (many regulars have pics in it).</SPAN> </SPAN>

Bring A (not terribly big) Fish Cooler With ICE For Your Party.. A 48 or 54 QT Cooler Is Good For 2 Guys. Even Now You Should ICE Fresh Fish.. </SPAN>

Eight Hour trips $110.00 - 7AM to 3PM – Saturdays 6AM to 3:30PM - $125.00 </SPAN>

LEAVE YOUR BEST POSSIBLE CONTACT NUMBER</SPAN> - Weather Cancelations Are Common - I Make Every Attempt To Let Clients Sleep In If The Weather's Not Going Our Way.. </SPAN>

Be A Half Hour Early - We Like To Leave Early.</SPAN>

Clients Arriving Late Will See The West End Of An East Bound Boat.. </SPAN>

If You Won't Measure & Count Your Fish The State Will Provide A Man With A Gun To Do It For You. We Measure & Count — ALWAYS — No Exceptions!</SPAN>

Still Too Cheap! A Gift From Tom Jackson, There Are Three Jimmy Jackson Prints – Numbered 1 of 1, 2013 – on display & set up as silent auctions at Ake Marine, Ocean City Fishing Center & Sunset Marina. Stunning. Proceeds To Ocean City Reef Foundation, a tax deductible 501c3.. Auction Ends December 15th @ 5PM.. </SPAN>

7,884 "Oyster Castle" reef blocks by the rail – 2,366 at Jimmy's Reef – 1,420 at Ake's – Now 216 at Lindsey Power's and counting! </SPAN>

Need a new batch of blocks soon. See</SPAN> if you'd care to help fund the next truckload, or snailmail a check – any check! </SPAN>

Trying to keep a large selection of OCRF long-sleeve & ss t-shirts aboard.. Best Stocking Stuffer Ever! (aside from Morning Star Gift Certificates) </SPAN>

Greetings All, </SPAN>

Some limits of sea bass. Lots of action. Nice Weather & Pretty Fishing. </SPAN>

Cbass ate the jig Saturday & Sunday. I liked it. </SPAN>

So did many clients. </SPAN>

This coming Thursday & Friday are looking good weather-wise.. </SPAN>

Our tautog trip last week wasn't nearly as productive as I'd have liked. Still, 6 clients caught about 60 fish ..but none offered the bent-rod thumping of a very large tog. </SPAN>

Revitalizing nearshore sea bass stocks is the very best management plan for tautog. </SPAN>

Take the heat off. Turn down the pressure. </SPAN>

A resurgent sea trout stock wouldn't hurt either.. </SPAN>

I think its no coincidence that now, when concern is being expressed over striped bass populations (I think probably lost to mycobacteriosis) sea trout are making their best showing in decades. </SPAN>

This disease, and not overfishing, is wasting some of our striped bass. Stripers long artificially buoyed in single focus catch-restriction-only management yet declining in number; sea trout are making their first real sign of recovery in 2 decades. </SPAN>

Ecosystem restoration or, more simply, ecosystem-strengthening, is the real key to supporting fantastic increases in fish populations. Because we're positively certain there's a greater than 99% decline in hardbottom in the Chesapeake, we can safely deduce estuarine hardbottom restoration is a vital link in fisheries restoration. </SPAN>

Then too there's the tremendous effort to better feed striped bass in our estuaries by tightening regulations on the menhaden reduction fishery – to strengthen the ecosystem. </SPAN>

Oyster loss incredibly well-studied, yet little progress made in restoration; Were marine reef to follow a similar timeline my assertions of lost nearshore corals, of a temperate, zooanthellae-based reef ecology that has been neither 'found' nor studied by science & therefore cannot possibly have a fish habitat restoration plan would, on a fast-track, start being rebuilt in the year 2100.. </SPAN>

A century's passing not soon enough; Our only path of discovering restoration's need lies in fishing's history. </SPAN>

When the day comes where managers can see on a chart where men caught reef-fish many decades ago and did so with no navigation electronics, Yet No One Catches There Now, we'll discover restoration of those specific reef-fish populations impossible without first restoring their reef habitat — it's gone. </SPAN>

When the day comes where we can see where men caught bluewater billfish on our nearshore shoals in wonderful number just 5 to 20 miles out & only 120 NM from Washington, D.C., we'll know billfish could never feed in pea-green waters found on those shoals today: As the old-time skippers claim, "The blue water's gone!" </SPAN>

Undertaking serious marine & estuarine reef restoration will turn the ocean blue & make fisheries restoration simple. </SPAN>

Reef Restoration Makes Fishery Restoration Simple. </SPAN>


Monty </SPAN>

Capt. Monty Hawkins </SPAN></SPAN> </SPAN>

Partyboat Morning Star</SPAN></SPAN> </SPAN>

Ocean City, MD</SPAN>

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