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Jet Ski Brian

How To Have A Great Day!

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Go Fishing!

It’s not just about how many you catch or how big it was.

It is also about what you see out on the water. I like to see the other boats and people around me that are reeling in fish.

I also enjoy the wildlife, seems I see something different every time.

I like to take pictures of what I see, then when I come home, look at my day all over again.

I like to eat what I catch, so I only keep what I know I am going to eat.

Today I caught a lot of Tautog at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel while on my jet ski. I saw many different birds, including a falcon that landed on some rocks close to me.

I saw some guys non stop reeling in fish and having a blast.

I saw many other boats ( and a couple jet skis) on the water doing the same thing as me, Fishing!

I came home and cooked some Tog Tacos and chilled with my wife.

Now I am looking at my day all over again as I do this report.

If You want to have a Great Day also, book a trip with me at* Jet Ski Fishing and Adventures or call 757-342-5780.

Can’t wait to do it all over again!

Here are some pictures of my Great Day.

yorkrivercharters33520x391-1.jpg babysheep44520x390-1.jpg bayprincess520x389-1.jpg bentrod520x389-1.jpg catchinup520x391-1.jpg falcon333520x390-1.jpg fishup520x391-1.jpg foggycbbt520x391-1.jpg foodprep44520x390-1.jpg havana333520x391-1.jpg manonsuv1200520x391-1.jpg nicetog11520x389-1.jpg skiatthird520x391-1.jpg toginpan333520x390-1.jpg togonstringer555520x390-1.jpg togwrap44520x391-1.jpg togwrapcloseup520x390-1.jpg uscg906520x390-1.jpg


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