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Jet Ski Brian

Jet Ski Fishing Frenzy!

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Caught over twenty Togs and several nice Striped Bass up to 36″ from my jet ski at The Chesapeake Bay Bay Bridge Tunnel around the third island.

I was using frozen vacuum packed fiddlers and live eels for bait. The crew on the Proline was steady catching them next me to as well.

My largest Striper this Fall. Things are picking up every day!

If you want to go on a Jet Ski Fishing Adventure give me a call at 757-342-5780 to book a trip.

togatthird55520x389-1.jpg 36rock520x390-1.jpg avet33520x391-1.jpg blackfin44520x390-1.jpg capehorn44520x389-1.jpg hookedstriper222520x391-1.jpg hookedup444520x390-1.jpg hookedupgood520x390-1.jpg nicerocks333520x390-1.jpg packedfiddlers555520x390-1.jpg parker444520x390-1.jpg proline55520x391-1.jpg pullinfish520x390-1.jpg rockdinner444520x390-1.jpg togatpile88520x390-1.jpg


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