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Jet Ski Brian

Jet Ski Angler Gets 2nd Place In Striper Tourny!

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Mark Dias, Robert Cowling and I fished in the The 13th Invitational James River Striped Bass Tournament yesterday. We fished together in the same area and caught over fifty Striped Bass between us. Most of the fish were caught on live eels. Mark caught a nice 31 inch 11.10 pounder that earned him second place, a great trophy and a $1000 dollar check. I caught a 29 inch 8.90 pound striper that put me in about 5th. Rob caught fish up to 26 inches. Awesome day for Jet Ski Fishing!

The Tournament was put on by Deep Creek Landing Marina in Newport News Virgina and benefited the Virginia Living Museum with a $10,000 check! Here are some pictures, If you want to go on a Jet Ski Fishing Adventure give me a call at 757-342-5780.

tagged-1.jpg brianscale520x389-1.jpg brianwithstripers520x389-1.jpg hookedeel520x341-1.jpg mark22520x391-1.jpg mark1110-1.jpg markandrob520x390-1.jpg markandski520x390-1.jpg markatships520x390-1.jpg marktrophy520x391-1.jpg robatships520x390-1.jpg robc-1.jpg robjrb520x321-1.jpg robwstripers520x390-1.jpg score-1.jpg shipyardsunrise520x202-1.jpg stripercloseup520x389-1.jpg striperinhand520x390-1.jpg tagcloseup520x391-1.jpg


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