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Jet Ski Brian

Tautog Are Getting Bigger and a Tog-A-Licious Dinner

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Had a great time yesterday fishing around the 1st and 2nd islands of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. It was slow at first but eventually I found a good spot and the bite picked up. I caught over a dozen Tautog from 14 to 23 inches and a couple small Sheepshead, all on vacuum packed frozen fiddler crabs that I caught last month. Saw Rob on his yak at the first, Mark on his ski and two guys behind me in the Grady steadily pulling up togs.Here are some pictures I took yesterday.

If you want to try Jet Ski Fishing give me a call at 757-342-5780 and book at trip.

Also, here is my Tog-A-Licious Tog Tacos. Fresh blackened Tautog, lettuce, shredded cheese blend, chipotle mayo and Pico De Gallo. All wrapped up in a warm tortilla. Fries are extra!

togtacoplatter520x390-1.jpg backyardrainbow22520x391-1.jpg bigtog23520x390-1.jpg brian23tog520x390-1.jpg brianat2nd520x391-1.jpg briansuv12008856520x390-1.jpg darkskieseagle520x391-1.jpg farawayeagle-1.jpg kaylyn520x390-1.jpg longshoteagle-1.jpg markrunning520x390-1.jpg rainbowpoquoson520x390-1.jpg robat1st520x390-1.jpg sheepat1st520x390-1.jpg thegoods69798520x391-1.jpg togat2nd520x390-1.jpg togatpiles520x390-1.jpg toginpan444520x390-1.jpg togpiehole520x390-1.jpg togtaco333520x390-1.jpg


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