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Jet Ski Brian

Scary Fish!

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I took my jet ski fishing in the Lower Chesapeake Bay yesterday in perfect Fall conditions, no wind and temps in the low 70′s. I caught several Tautog up to 22 inches and Sheepshead, all on frozen/ vacuum packed Fiddler crabs that I caught last month.

Togs and Sheeps can be creepy looking, so here are a couple of “Halloween Zombie Fish” pictures.

They are two of my favorite fish to catch. I saw a lot activity on the water including fellow “Jet Angler” Dustin.

scarysheep520x393-1.jpg sheepback333520x389-1.jpg noaashiptoys520x388-1.jpg noaaship55520x390-1.jpg meintogeye520x390-1.jpg carniavalcloseup520x391-1.jpg carnivalglory520x389-1.jpg drivingithome520x391-1.jpg dustinpullingaway520x390-1.jpg eagle44-1.jpg hookedtog444520x390-1.jpg subcrewescort520x290-1.jpg briansuv120044520x390-1.jpg bigtoghead520x390-1.jpg bigsub333520x208-1.jpg backofsubcloseup520x338-1.jpg avet3383520x390-1.jpg 22inchto520x390-1.jpg vacuumedfiddlers520x391-1.jpg


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