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Jet Ski Brian

Catching Toothy Critters On My Jet Ski

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I took my jet ski out in four foot sloppy Chesapeake Bay NW winds today and was rewarded with a lot of fish for my efforts.

Caught a lot of Tautog and Sheepshead along with a couple Toads. I was using live fiddler crabs on a 3/0 hook bottom rig.

I also met Dustin, a fellow Jet Angler yesterday and the crew of the Rockhound. Here some pictures. If you want to go on a Jet Ski Fishing Adventure call me at 757-342-5780.

togteeth222520x391-1.jpg allthree520x390-1.jpg bigsub520x228-1.jpg dustinathrbt520x391-1.jpg goldtog334520x390-1.jpg helicopter520x390-1.jpg hookinsheep44520x388-1.jpg hookedfiddler556520x391-1.jpg nicetog33520x390-1.jpg ship79520x389-1.jpg shipsubpassing520x390-1.jpg skiatramp520x390-1.jpg subandescort520x169-1.jpg toad44520x391-1.jpg


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