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I finally got home in time to cook some of the Spadefish that I speared Saturday at the Chesapeake Light Tower. I had vacuum packed the fillets and it was either going to be cooked or frozen tonight, cooked it was!

I lightly seasoned the fish with salt, pepper, a little bit of garlic powder and pan seared it in olive oil.

Had some Sea shell pasta since the fish came from such named pasta.

My wife wanted a Vodka Marina sauce so that is what she got, along with some green beans, salad and fresh bing cherries.

It was Spade-O-Licious!




Here are the details of my fishing trip that day;

Had another great weekend! Started my Saturday morning as a guest along with Rob Cowling on the Fishing Tidewater Radio show. Don Lancaster and Matt Smith had me on to talk about Jet Ski Fishing and Rob was letting everyone know about the Children’s Fishing Clinic coming up next month.

I left the radio studio, went straight to Virginia Beach, dropped my jet ski and headed out of Rudee Inlet around 1030hrs. I ran around off the beach and the CB bouy line looking for some cobia. I did not see any so I ventured out to the Chesapeake Light Tower hoping the Spadefish were there.

By then the wind was picking up around 15-20 out of the South. It was sloppy, the current was ripping and the visibility was poor. The water was cool, maybe 64 degrees but tolerable in a wetsuit. The fish were hanging right at 10-15 feet down, lots of them. It was a workout diving and swimming against the current but I managed to spear my limit.

On the way in to Virginia Beach I could see an air show going on. It was cool to watch on my trip back, before I went in I stopped and watched the action. I had the thrill of a Harrier jet flying right over me at speed and low, exhilarating!!

This morning was very breezy, my wife and I took our grandson on the jet ski and to a couple secluded beaches around Poquoson.


















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