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Jet Ski Brian

Windy Weekend Project and Upcoming Show

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I wanted to go Tautog fishing this weekend but it was not meant to be. The winds have been pretty much blowing 20-25 all weekend.

I decided to make the best of the weekend and work on a couple of projects I have been thinking about.

I sold my Grady White almost two years ago and have been using my boat lift for my jet skis.

I have a davit on my dock that I bought and installed 10 years ago, it has an electric motor and was great for picking up my jet skis and putting them on the dock. Since I have been using the lift now I decided to relocate the davit and use it for another purpose.

I decided to put it off the corner of my driveway next to a tree in my wife’s garden. This took a little convincing and some flower bed moving but luckily my wife budged and went for it.

I bought a 10 foot by 9 inch pressure treated pile and dug a four foot hole. I put the pole in and leveled it up, then poured 300 lbs of ready mix concrete and tamped the earth as I filled it back in.

Today I drilled the holes and through bolted the base to the pile. Luckily I had a neighbor help me take the davit out and put it back it after I re-mounted the base, way too heavy to pick in the air by myself.

My neighbor asked if he could borrow my lawn mower and I said “sure if I can borrow your back”.

I got it all together and tested it out a little while ago. Works great! Now I can easily transfer my jet skis from the single trailer to the double or put it on a dolly so it does not take up as much space in the garage.

I will run power to it this week so I do not have pull out the extension cord.

Next project is to redo my boat lift so I can put four skis on it.

Here are a couple pictures.

The davit on my dock.


No davit.


New pile and re-located davit.


Picking up a four person thousand pounder PWC.



Putting the ski on a cart.



Easily rolled and maneuvered into one of my garages.


I have been invited to attend the Second open house at Whitehouse Cove Marina here in the city of Poquoson Virginia this up coming weekend. I will be bringing a couple of my custom rigged jet skis with me. Stop by and say hello! Here is the info;



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