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Capt. John Kumiski

Orlando Area Saltwater Fishing Report

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[h=1]Orlando Saltwater Fishing Report[/h]A blessed Easter to all the Christians out there. I hope the pagans and infidels have a nice day too.

We caught a few fish this week.

On Monday three gentlemen, led by Mr. Peter Scribner, joined me for an eight hour kayak fishing extravaganza out of River Breeze. It was a beautiful day but windy and not at all warm.

mosquitolagoonkayaking-1.jpgIt was beautiful out if you didn’t mind the chill wind.

We had to do some searching, as fish were not concentrated anywhere we looked. I’d guess we paddled at least ten miles. Neither Peter nor Rich caught a fish. Chuck got seven redfish and a beautiful trout, all on a small Johnson Sprite.

chuckmosquitolagoonseatrout-1.jpgChuck, my 76-year old role model, with another fish.

At 76 years old Chuck is a role model for all of us. He easily kept up with me all day. I can only hope I can still kayak fish all day if I’m lucky enough to reach that age.

Wednesday Scott Radloff and I took the Mitzi on a scouting trip out of Haulover Canal. It was cold. It was windy. There were no fish in the first place we looked. Spots two and three had quite a few nice trout. Spot number three had a few reds too. We got a trout about 24 inches long on a juicy piece of mullet.


Spot number 4 had some black drum and a few reds. I sightfished up a 30 incher on a juicy piece of mullet.


The last spot was seatrout city. Using five and a half inch DOA CAL jerkbaits we got a half dozen 18 to 22 inch trout, a nice way to end the day.

Thursday Mr. Brian Burns joined me for a day’s Mosquito Lagoon fishing. He got three nice trout on the five and a half inch DOA CAL jerkbait at the first spot. None of the fish at the second spot would bite. Muds everywhere, but no action.


At the third spot Brian went to work. Switching back and forth between a DOA Airhead and the CAL jerkbait he got seven or eight more trout and a slot red besides. The fish were spooky and not very bitey but there were so many that he got a bunch anyway. It was not too windy and was just beautiful out.


Friday son Alex and I launched the boat at Port Canaveral. We hoped to find tripletail and if we got lucky a cobia. When we cleared the jetties it was beautiful, clear sky, hardly any breeze.

We ran south to Satellite Beach, then out about 2.5 miles. I had heard there were weeds out there. We didn’t find any. But someone had turned on the wind machine. I came about to start looking for fish and there were whitecaps everywhere. Three waves in succession poured into the cockpit. Yikes!

It’s hard to spot fish cruising at 3000 rpm, but that’s what we did so the bow would stay up above the waves. Eventually I stumbled onto a tripletail. It was a real one. Alex hooked it up and it just swam away, breaking the 20 pound power pro after about 20 seconds. Fish 1, anglers 0.

We saw another one, fairly small. It refused the delicious hand-picked shrimp we used to tempt it.

A while later I spotted another one. This one must have been hungrier, because it immediately inhaled the shrimp. Alex fought it up to the boat, where yours truly dipped it up. A fine ‘tail it was, and one delicious broiled fillet was more than three of us could finish. But I digress…


We saw two other tripletail as we ran them over. We decided we had had enough fun at about 2 PM.

Saturday James Cran and his friend Mike came all the way from Ontario to fish in the Mosquito Lagoon. The fish could not have been much less hospitable. We spooked several hundred fish over the course of six hours with only two bites all day. Both were missed.

At the last spot Mike fooled a slot redfish using a Road Runner with a four inch DOA CAL jerkbait for a tail, the first fish of the day. Shortly after James got a dink trout on a jig. That was it.


And that is this week’s exciting version of the Orlando Saltwater Fishing Report.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short. Go Fishing!

John Kumiski

All content in this blog, including writing and photos, copyright John Kumiski 2013. All rights are reserved.

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