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Jet Ski Brian

50 Miles Offshore Oregon Inlet NC on My Jet Ski!

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Friday night I towed my jet ski down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and got a room for a couple hours of sleep.

Got up at 0330 and started gearing up. I dropped at the public ramp at the base of the bridge by Manteo/ Pirates Cove around 0600.

I would use the ramp at Oregon Inlet but they do not allow pwc’s. This adds about 16 miles to my total trip.

I was fortunate to be able to buddy boat with Capt. Rob and Capt. Robert of Four Reel Charters, I met up with them as they passed through the bridge at day light. I hung with them for the almost 50 mile trip offshore. It was nice to have a wave breaker plowing through the waves for me.

Unfortunately my GPS/Fishfinder stopped working as soon as we got to the fishing grounds. It is no fun trying to jig with out being able to see the marks. I did have a back up handheld GPS but that does not help much for fishing.

I still jigged a lot in the same areas that Four Reel was marking. They got hooked up to a real nice fish that they caught on a jig. They fought it at least two hours but unfortunately it came off.

I trolled ballyhoo for a little while and had one short strike but no takers.

On the return trip back I hit some waves pretty hard and heard a load noise, one of my rod holders with a Penn 50W broke and the rod was beating on the back of my ski. That was a first, but it is a real heavy set up and I was catching air so I can see how it would break.

Luckily I strap my rods down on long trips and I did not loose anything.

I covered almost 130 miles and burned all but one gallon, I pulled into the fishing center at Oregon Inlet on fumes and got fuel before going the rest of the way to Manteo. I had 35 gallons of gas and thought I would return with 8 still left but we went out a lot further than I expected. My bad. It all still worked out.

I still had a blast making one of my top ten longest trip in open ocean on a jet ski.

There were several Blue Fin Tuna caught, I heard of a couple around 600 pounds.

Thanks Four Reel Charters Captain Rob and Capt. Robert for letting me shadow you for the day. I am sure I will give it another try!

Here are some pictures and two short videos.

My “Spot” shot.











At least the birds are catching some fish. Ha! Here is an Osprey in my front yard today with a puppy drum.




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That is a long trip! Glad you made it back.

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