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Jet Ski Brian

Eagle On The Way and Wahoo Pizza!

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Last year the Pair of Bald Eagles off of my front yard had three eaglets and unfortunately lost one. It is that time of year again that I am wondering if they will have more and if so how many. One of them has been staying in the nest full time so I am pretty sure something is going on up there.

Here are a couple pictures of one of them.






Wahoo Pizza!

It has been windy, cold and forecast tomorrow is snow. So what better to do than cook up something that I caught in the hot summer months. So that is what I did.

I stopped at Trader Joe’s and picked up all the goods I would need to make a quick and easy dinner.



I had vacuum packed and froze several packages, this was the last one.


It is one of my favorite fish and holds up well if cleaned and packaged it fresh.


Then I pan fried the Wahoo lightly, carefull not to cook it all the way.


I got the dough spread out on a lightly oiled pan and spread an ample amount of sauce and mozzarella on it.


Then I loaded the Pie with broken up pieces of Wahoo, onions, mushrooms and some Italian style bacon.


Into the oven it went at 375 for 15 minutes, I made two of them. My wife’s art friends ate most but I got my fair share.


This is still my favorite picture I have taken this year.



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That whale picture is incredible. Pretty much every picture you post is incredible. :)

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