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Jet Ski Brian

No Fish But Plenty To See!

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I fished from my jet ski off of Virginia Beach yesterday all day and a couple of hours this morning. Marked a lot of bait and saw many birds diving. No fish for me nor did I hear of anyone catching.

Even when I am not catching there is still plenty to see as I am trolling around. Saw several Humpback Whales and of course plenty of boats. Today I took a couple pictures of one of the Bald Eagles at my house. It is cool how he blends in with the pine trees

Here are some pictures from this weekend.

whaleflukecapehenry520x391-1.jpg bayprincess1520x390-1.jpg bayprincess2520x390-1.jpg boatandwhale667520x390-1.jpg boatus444520x390-1.jpg classiccrowd520x389-1.jpg greenboat2234520x393-1.jpg hardhead520x390-1.jpg hydrasports4455520x390-1.jpg midnightsunandwhale520x391-1.jpg rebel445520x390-1.jpg whalebackcapehenry222520x390-1.jpg whalebackvabeach520x391-1.jpg whaleblowcapehenry556520x390-1.jpg whaleblowvabeach520x390-1.jpg

eagleintreeflight520x390-1.jpg eagleintree333520x387-1.jpg


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