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Jet Ski Brian

Grass Is Not Always Greener and Pad Thai Striper

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Yesterday morning I dropped my ski at Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach and went about 16 miles offshore looking for some Tuna action and maybe some whale sightings. On the way out I went across a lot of bait marks that were only 2-3 miles off the beach.

I did not not see much in the area of the Chesapeake Light Tower so after 30 minutes I turned around and went right back inshore.

There were a lot of boats that were still going way East. Further than I wanted to go in the winter offshore on my pwc.

Glad I went back in, the bait was still there and very thick. The birds were going nuts diving in, an airshow I always love to see.

I caught four Dog Sharks, then a nice 40 inch Striped Bass. I caught two more dogs before the birds broke up and the catching slowed down.

Sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side if the hill. Though I do not mind running some distance to find fish.

I do not know if anyone got into the tuna yesterday but I had a good time inshore chasing birds and bait. Saw a couple others catching before I went in at noon.

Here are a couple pictures from my trip.









Pad Thai Striper!

Last night we had our grandson over for dinner. He likes fish so he was coming to the right place to cure his appetite.

Here is how I cooked it up.

Of course I had to go out yesterday morning and catch a Striper first. Luckily I found the birds working right off of Virginia Beach.


The birds were catching more than me.


Luckily I hooked up to a nice Striper and got him to my ski.


I brought him home and showed him what a knife looks like.


Chunked up several pieces and cooked them in a skillet with some Pad Thai Sauce.

I also made rice and stir fried some noodles with shredded veggies and soy sauce.


Four of us ate all of our PAD THAI STRIPER.



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That pad thai sounds awesome! I'm going to get my wife to make some when I get into the stripers again. She loves pad thai.

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