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Last year, my girlfriend and I were walking across the Rt 50 bridge, when all of a sudden, she gets nailed with a lure from below!!

Haha, kidding.....

(sorry mdram, couldn't resist)

Ok, this is a rerun from last year on another board.....

I used a standard surf setup, 12" stout rod, open face Daiwa reel loaded with that new braid line. 50 lb test is as thin as 8 lb mono and TOUGH! Oh yeah, it cuts your finger quicker than mono, look out. Used 80 lb leader, about 10' and a 10/0 J hook.

On my first cast I took a whole live Whiting and cut the tail so it would bleed. The line somehow decided to saw a nice gash in my finger which bled pretty good. So much for taking bait out on the boogie board. On the cast, the bait smacked the surface about 50 feet out and skipped another 100 feet. I figured that was far enough.

Within 10 minutes the pole went WAY down and I grabbed it. She fought hard and turned east, I had her back west and fighting hard. Suddenly the line went phfft. Limp. Brought it back in and you could see where she bit the 80 lb leader in a few places.

Next cast I used a frozen Bunker head. It only went out about 100'. Ok, good enough, they got to be in here feeding on the Whiting....

Yep, sure enough, within 5 minutes the pole danced hard. This one started running the beach both ways. Had her facing west when all of a sudden I heard a ZING! CLINK! She spat the hook out and it barely missed me and clocked my truck.

At least I got the hook back...

Ok, next try, (storm coming)...

Can't cast worth a darn, probably getting the big hunk of Whiting about 50 feet out after trying many times. I'm thinking, there's GOT to be something this close....

Sure was, and the pole tip was looking dead east and the drag was whizzing. I grabbed it and she just kept heading for Spain. Once in awhile she would stop and I'd get some line back. Then off she'd go again. I saw my high-dollar line going out to sea, kept turning the drag tighter and she kept taking it.

Well guys, I finally found the breaking point of the new braid line and it sure wasn't 50 lb. Must have been at least 80. I was pulling hard and leaning backwards when the line finally gave up.

Oh what a video that would have made....

With me leaning back and the line breaking, you probably know what happened....

Yep, I went flying backwards and landed flat out, not on my butt, but flat out. I laid there laughing at myself. I was alone but you could have heard me in OC.

I nearly crunched my head on the bumper because I actually landed under it. I had enough time whilst airborne to say SHEEEYT!

That wasn't the end of it, more insult....

Evidently the pole smacking the tail gate "dislodged" my bottle of beer and bucket of chicken. As I layed there laughing at myself I heard something fall above me on the tail gate. The beer poured through the opening between the tail gate and the truck body landing right on my head.

THEN... My bucket of chicken fell off the tail gate and rolled into the ocean. So much for dinner...

It wasn't over yet...

I had about 10' of leader and then the weight on a 5' section. Laid it all out behind me and walked into the water and threw.


Right in the back of the head with a bloody Bunker head.

Stunk the rest of the night and all the way home.

Got home and girlfriend says "You must have caught something because you smell like fish".

I didn't EVEN tell her....

Dang, head hurts too...

That was one day at the beach I'll never forget....

And hope I don't repeat...

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wow..... don't know if I should laugh or cry.... some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

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:lol: Good one, Steve :lol:

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