Last Two Weeks of Obama?

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Right after 9/11,GW Bush was highly popular.By the end of his second term, even Republicans wanted to disassociate with him! I think many lifelong Democrats are feeling the same about Barack Hussein Obama now at the end of one term. Anybody else feel that way? It's Mitt Romney for me.

This morning, I think it was ABC said that D.Trump was rumored to have some big "October Suprise" for Mr.Obama. Personally, I wish Donald Trump would go back to being a billionaire and not try to screw up the rest of the country. I don't think Romney NEEDS an October Suprise!

Thanks for letting me vent there. I will be glad when the whole disgusting campaign will be over, win, lose, or draw!


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I try to keep politics off forum sites unless its just for it, but I will say what matters to me is the debt. President Obama promised he would fix the debt when he got elected, he didn't. As a matter of fact he spent more than almost all the presidents combined. That to me is just inexcusable. The debates sealed the deal for me as well, instead of defending his record and showing how he accomplished his hope and change, he attacked Mitt. You know why? Because President Obama doesn't have a good track record to stand on, so he is left to bullying tactics. If a President can't stand on his own record, its time for a new one.

Mitt Romney has my vote in 2012, not because I like Mitt Romney, but because a vote for anyone else is a vote for Obama, and we need a new direction. Who knows, maybe Mitt's business acumen will lead us in the right direction. He can't do any worse than what the current President has over the past few years.

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