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Jet Ski Brian

The Blue Plate Special

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Well, in this case the "Blue Line Tilefish Special"! Last night I did a quick and easy Pan/Stir Fry of some Blue Line fillets. It was great!

Here's how I did it.

The hardest part of this dinner was getting the fish, some travel is required. In this case you need to get on your rigged up PWC and follow a boat way offshore to the deep, almost a 100 each way venture.




Drop your line in 350 feet of water and hope when you crank it up you have one of these on a hook.


Make the trip back, take a little rest and get some fillets ready for the stove.


Lightly marinade the fillets and some veggies. Put them in separate hot pans to sear and stir fry.

I used a Korean Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce.


Serve it up hot with some rice and cole slaw on the side.


Dinner for two (my wife Cindy and I) is always better than dinner for one. So be sure to cook enough!


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