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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

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Last year on September 25th I caught my personal best 14 lb Sheepshead. I had never had any of my catches mounted but decided this would be my first, mostly because Convict fish are one of my favorite to catch and the was a pretty fish.

I had seen some pretty Speckled Trout that my neighbor Barclay had mounted and I was impressed them. He told me it was done by Mountain Breeze Taxidermy in Hampton Virginia.

I called up Dave Saunders and told him of my catch and that I had it on ice. He said bring it on by and we could talk about it.

I told him that I had caught in good structure on a live fiddler crab and that it would be great of he could represent the fish in that manner.

Dave told me that he now only does taxidermy part time and that with the slow economy he had to get a full time job. He said that it might take some time for him to it done.

Well here we are one year and two days since I caught the beast, I picked up the mount tonight and I must say it was worth the wait!

His attention to detail and eye for color and positioning the fish is incredible. I am sure it would not normally take that long but I told him I was in no rush.

Thanks Dave for creating a piece of art that I will treasure!

Now I just gotta go after his big brother.

Here are some pictures of the mount and some of it the day I caught it.









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That is amazing work. Nice job.

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WOW! Yes, worth the wait! What an awesome catch. Congrads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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