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@10 years ago, mid summer in my brother Jeffreys 30' Velocity. we were casting eels and drifting around the Chesapeake Bay bridge near the main shipping channel, when heavy fog rolled in and we could not see 100' in any direction. wth no radar on board, we heard the fog signal of what sounded* like a large ship and being we were near/in the channel, I knew it could be close. well Jeff throttled back to an idle as we heard the churnning of a prop. as he bumped the throttle ahead, @ 50' in front of our boat was fresh prop-wash yeah we missed that sucker by feet:shock:

*rules of the road: vessels must sound fog horn/device in a certian way(time and duration of blast) which indactes weather the ship is underway or at anchor, so's to avoid a collision

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