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Tent Camping on AI

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Folks, I am contemplating a tent camping trip to AI in the near future. What is the best, the state side or federal side? I know one has better shower facilities than the other based on a thread I saw at one point, but that's long ago.

Can you point me in the right direction please?

This is for after Labor Day.



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The State Park has hot water facilities and it is my understanding that they spray against mosquitos while the National Park does not. Of course, it costs twice as much to camp in the SP.

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IF you have kids, the state park probable will be the best.

At the federal side, try to go to "ocean front" the other half of the camp sites are located to the bay side and you will have to drive to one of the parking lots to cross to the ocean.

One more on the federal side, if you find a camp site " drive in " you will be able to drive you car to the camp site, IF you take the " walk in " you will have to park on one of the regular parking spots and carier you stuff to you camp site.

I hope I can help, AND try to make the reservation early. Will be "full" soon, IF is NOT.

Good luck.

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