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Jet Ski Brian

How To Catch Lots Of Fish

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Here in Virginia all it take is a spotter plane, two boats with a big net and a mother ship with a big mama jama vacuum.

I was out running the buoys on my jet ski looking for cobia (saw one dink) again tonight. There were big schools of menhaden busting the surface on the eastern shore side of the Chesapeake Bay, it is really cool thing to see and hear on calm summer evening.

I saw a spotter plane and a big commercial boat not far away so I went and took some pictures of it. Here they are;









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Cool pictures! It's hard to see and think of how many of those menhaden they're harvesting and what it's doing to the ecosystem. To have seen this place 400 years ago when people like John Smith were setting they're eyes on this beautiful land. I probably wouldn't be here writing this, and we'll never voluntarily go back, but what if we all just used only what we needed to survive?

“Rockfish were hunted on the Eastern Shore on horseback with spears. The large fish coming to feed on the creek shores, overflowed by the tide, showed themselves in the shallow water by a ripple before them. They were ridden on behind and forced into water too shallow for them to swim well, and were speared …”

Col. T. J. Randolph of Edgehill, VA, 1875

… When they spawn, all streams and waters are completely filled with them, and one might believe, when he sees such terrible amounts of them, that there was as great a supply of herring as there is water. In a word, it is unbelievable, indeed, indescribable, as also incomprehensible, what quantity is found there.”

William Byrd II (Virginia), early 1700’s


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