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As I sit here and write this report, the wind is stillblowing 30 mph with higher gusts and rain squalls are coming through. Tropical Depression/Storm Debby is taking hertime leaving the area. I’ll definitelybe glad when she’s gone so things can get back to normal. In the meantime, it’s time once again to getcaught up with the action aboard Knot Nancy.

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Conditions:Wind from S/SSW @ 16 – 18 knots. Strong north current on a well definedblue/green edge. Lots of grass trappedon the edge.

Paul and Jennifer Allegra start their trip off with a 20#blackfin tuna caught by Paul. The baitswent back out using a slow troll method to maintain our position on theedge. First the right flatline got hit,then the left. It had us guessing was itbonitos, blackfin tuna, or maybe something else. What appeared to be a turtle head popped upnear Jennifer’s line and we thought she had hooked the turtle. Her line took off, but we concentrated onPaul’s fish. As we closed in on hisfish, we saw that it was a cobia. Afterputting his fish in the fish box, we started chasing down Jennifer’s fish. When we caught up, much to our surprise, itwas a large cobia. It was also welcomedaboard and put in the fish box. Whenthings calmed down and we took pictures, we discovered numerous teeth marksacross the dorsal fin area of Jennifer’s fish. Apparently a shark had grabbed the fish near the surface and lifted justthe head of the fish out of the water. That’s when we thought we saw a turtle head. The fish got away from the shark, but notfrom Jennifer’s angling skills.

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Conditions:Wind from SE/SSW @ 9 – 13 knots. Strong north current with good bluewater. Incoming tide during eveningportion of trip.

Pete and Annmari DiPino fished an afternoon/evening combotrip. The afternoon portion of the tripstarted out slow until around 6:00 pm. The action started with 3 bonito caught on the flatlines. We ran back south to get back into the goodblue water conditions. The next hit cameon the bottom rod. The line rose rapidlyand up came a sailfish. Pete caught thatfish and we ran back to the general area where I had originally set up. A flatline got hit almost immediately andAnnmari was fighting her first sailfish. Pictures alongside the boat and back again. Another flatline hook up and anothersailfish. Pete caught this fish and wewent back again. Another flatline andPete released the fourth sailfish of the trip. It was now time to head in for some tarpon fishing at GovernmentCut. The baits went out and it took adrift or two to zero in on the fish. Thelive crab did its job and Pete caught an 80# tarpon to finish off the evening.

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Conditions:Wind from E @ 9 – 11 knots. Southcurrent with green ugly water.

John Gutekunst, Jose Mazariegos, and brothers Jason andShawn Alexander fished a ½ day in the morning. They were looking for any type of action with hopes of taking home somefish to eat. With the south current, Iconcentrated in the deeper water with emphasis on the bottom and downriggerrods. It paid off both with the actionand eating fish. Everyone caught fishwith all the action coming on the bottom and downrigger rods with the exceptionof a dolphin (mahi-mahi) on a flatline. Final score was 2 kingfish, 1 dolphin, and 5 bonito.

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Conditions:Wind from E @ 13 – 17 knots. South current with green ugly water. Numerous weedlines running east to west.

Michael Cohen, Tom Reese, Gary Roddatz, and Paul Fleisherfished a half day in the late afternoon. The east/west weedlines made it very difficult to keep the linesclear. The action was very slow to startwith only a bottom bait getting chopped in half. I started slow trolling offshore between theweedlines. When we reached 250’, aflatline got hit and we landed and released a sailfish. We continued working the area with no furtheraction. I moved back in closer off thehotels on Key Biscayne and set up a drift. The bottom rod came through for us and we finished the trip with a 36#amberjack that we kept for smoking. Muchto our surprise as I cleaned the fish there were no worms in the fillets.

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Conditions:Wind from NE/E @ 12 – 14 knots. Tide outgoing and incoming during the trip.

The father and son groups of Mike and Will Little and Eddieand Travis Frizshell fished a ¾ evening tarpon trip at Government Cut. The evening started off with Travis catchinghis first tarpon. Then Eddie also caughthis first tarpon. We then missed severalfish before Will finished off the evening with another catch and release. Final score for the evening was 3 for 6.

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Conditions:Wind From N/ESE @ 0 – 5 knots. Nocurrent and green water.

Bill Parr and David Cansler fished a ½ day morningtrip. With little to no wind, driftingproduced nothing but flatline baits swimming around the boat and the bottom anddownrigger baits tangling with each other. I started slow trolling and marked some fish on the recorder. The downrigger popped and we caught akingfish. Next it was a bonito. We moved south and slow trolled over numerouswrecks. The downrigger popped again andthis time it was a large jack crevalle weighing in at 15 pounds.

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Conditions: Windfrom ESE/SW @ 8 – 10 knots. Outgoingtide during the evening.

Tate Chatfield and Kara Snook had their first tarpon fishingexperience. The action started quickly withTate catching and releasing his first tarpon. I was also able to get a DNA sample of the fish. Then as quickly as it started, the fish movedout of the area. We fished other areaswith no further action. Final score was1 for 1.

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Conditions:Wind from NW/NNW @ 3 – 12 knots. Nocurrent and green water.

Dave Paines, Bradley and Marie Jennings, and Ana Mercea fisha ½ day during the morning. The firstarea we fished produced no action. Imoved to the wreck area off Key Biscayne and dropped baits on severalwrecks. The first wreck produced noaction. On the second wreck, we caughtand released an amberjack. Then a secondone. We had a third fish coming up andpulled the hook. Then the action shutoff on that wreck. We continued wreckhopping with no further action.

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Conditions:Wind from NE/ENE @ 10 – 14 knots. Southcurrent with green water and lots of grass.

Jason and Brittany Bennett and Will and Kayla Stone fished a½ day in the morning. We loaded up withherring and set up our first back drift starting in 200 feet. The bottom rod got hit first. Then we had 3 of our 4 kite lines gethit. It was mass chaos with going aroundthe boat and over and under each other. The end result was 4 large bonito. The baits went back out and this time there was a large explosion on theleft short kite bait. We got a solidhook up. The fish fought deep and incircles. When it came up, it was an 18#blackfin tuna.

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Conditions:Wind from ENE/E @ 18 – 20 knots. Incoming and outgoing tide during the evening.

Shawn Nicholson and Veronica Surbrent fish a ¾ eveningtarpon trip. The strong ENE/E wind hadus fishing the south side of Government Cut. The fish were rolling around from the time we got there and were in afeeding mood. The action started quicklyand Shawn caught and released fish number 1. When we got into the dusk period, the action got red hot with fish onseveral drifts in a row. Plenty ofaction but the hooks just didn’t want to find the right place to stay in. At the end of the evening, the final scorewas 2 for 7. The tarpon evened the scoreon us on this evening.

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Conditions:Wind from ESE/SE @ 11 -17 knots. Incoming tide during the evening.

Joel Reid, Jeff Lilly, and Ed Vermolen caught a break in theweather two days after the original date they wanted to fish. Before it got dark we caught and released atarpon that took us for a tour of South Beach. After that we had no further action despite working numerous areas. Final score for the evening was 1 for 1.

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Captain Dave Kostyo<o:p></o:p>

Knot Nancy Fishing Charters,Inc<o:p></o:p>





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