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1000 Mile Road Trip To Bimini

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My wife and I just got back home last night from a great trip to Bimini Bahamas. We towed our Yamaha FXHO's 1000 miles from our house in Poquoson Virginia to Miami Florida to meet up with a group of PWC enthusiasts for a 50 plus mile trip across the Atlantic to Bimini Island. This was an organized trip put on by Water Top events called The Bimini Road Rally. Tim and his wife did a great job putting all of the details and plans together making it an unforgettable experience. Mother Nature made it an adventure for all.

Our trip across was in light rain and 4-5 foot seas with 15 knot winds out of the SE. There were over a dozen pwcs and four boats that made the crossing. We stopped several times to re-group, taking about 3 1/2 hours to get there.

The weather was overcast most of the time for our three days on the island but we managed to get in all of the planned sights by water and land.

I fished twice while there managing to catch some Amberjack, Mahi and several other fish while bottom fishing. The winds made it difficult to run around a lot.

Unfortunately the GO Pro camera I purchased for the trip proved not to be waterproof as the case had a small crack in it and I watched it fill with water as I was diving. Most of my on the water and fish pictures were taken with it. I am still trying to see if I can recover anything from the SD card but it does not look promising.

The most impressive thing I saw while on Bimini was a residence called "Dolphin House". This house is a creation 20 years in the making by Artist/ historian Ashley Saunders. It has been put together piece by piece from articles he has collected and recycled from beach combing demolished homes, construction sites as well as articles that people have given or sent to him from around the world.

The departure day back to Miami was hectic. The weather had turned for the worse and was only going to get uglier. The seas were 4-6 foot with 8-9 foot swells. Honestly, my wife had no desire to go back in those conditions. Luckily, John who was going to ride one of the boats across volunteered to ride her jet ski across. Several other people that were going to go back by boat also opted to fly back instead. My wife said it was the best $180 dollars she has spent.

Every one made it back safely, the jet skis handled well in trying conditions, the winds being out of SE made the trip doable. We drove back to Virginia in some serious down pours but the sun is shining here in Virginia. I am getting ready to take one of my jet skis out fishing on my last day of my vacation. Back to reality tomorrow!

Here are some pictures of our trip. I will put up some some links to other peoples pictures and videos when they are done.

































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Sounds like a fun trip. Thanks for sharing.

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Those rooms were way cool..That's quite a trip.Soundslike it was an adventure you will never forget.How you ever talked a woman into that,I'll never know...Thanks for the photos...

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