Government Cut, FL - And More Tarpon Action

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The main action for tarpon has shifted from Haulover to Government Cut and Biscayne Bay. We are also at the time of year when they are making the switch from shrimp to crabs. During my past several trips we have been catching the tarpon on both types of bait.

John Tentinger fished the last trip I made at Haulover. We caught lots of bluefish, ladyfish, and Spanish mackerel along with jack crevalle. The only thing missing was tarpon, so it’s time to head south to Government Cut.

Edward Baker and Billy went 2 for 2 on tarpon at Government Cut. The wind was ESE/E @ 16 – 18 knots.

The Graffia Family (Tony Sr, Jr, III) and Mark Graffia also went 2 for 2 on hefty tarpon to 100 pounds. Better wind conditions this evening – ENE/ESE @ 7 – 11 knots.

Drew and Andrew Townes continued the 2 for 2 trend on their trip. Wind conditions – ESE/SSE @ 5 – 8 knots.

The Lutz Family (Bob, Julie, and Will) along with Taylor caught a sailfish and 2 dolphin. The conditions were no current and green water. Wind conditions – S/WNW @ 2 – 9 knots.

Debbie Currier caught and released her first tarpon. We had 2 other fish on that threw the hook on the first jump. Wind conditions – SSE/S @ 11 – 17 knots.

Robert and Steve Brownlee along with Tucker caught bluefish, ladyfish, and jack crevalle. The tarpon won all three times that we hooked up. Thrown and pulled hooks had us going 0 for 3. Wind conditions – W/WNW 16 – 26 knots.

Cy Mager and Phil had 5 shots at tarpon. We landed and released 2 tarpon and got the DNA sample on both fish. The shrimp ran on this night and once we located them, all 5 strikes came on 6 drifts.

Wind conditions – NE/E @ 11 – 16 knots.

Richard Reamer and Tom Maloy caught a permit and tarpon on their evening trip. Wind conditions – S/SW @ 10 – 14 knots.

Patrick Savard had 4 shots at tarpon during his trip. Two fish threw the hook on their first jump. The third fish cut us off on an anchor buoy. We finally landed and released the fourth fish along with getting a DNA sample. Prior to the tarpon action, we caught a snapper. Wind conditions – ESE/SW @ 2 – 10 knots.

The Scala Family (Jerry, Nick, and Jack) fished the calm waters of the Bay during their tarpon trip. After the first hour of fishing we were 3 for 5. During the next two hours, we went 0 for 2, giving us a grand total of 3 for 7 on tarpon in the 20 – 40 pound class. Wind conditions – E @21 – 25 knots.

As you can see, I’ve been mostly evening tarpon fishing. The season should continue on till the end of June. When the wind kicks up, the protected waters of the Bay are quite calm and make for pleasant fishing conditions.

Captain Dave Kostyo

Knot Nancy Fishing Charters, Inc



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