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Went out and did a little fishing yesterday at Occoquan Regional Park. Took the boys out for their first trip so the first half was very unproductive. After about 1 1/2 hours on the boat we decided to end the day on a good note and Ciara took the boys and headed to her parents' house. That is when the fun started. I headed back up river to a nice shoal and started casting a 1/8 oz Little Cleo spoon (silver) The tide was just starting to get moving when the shad turned on. I managed several misses, 2 in the boat, one almost in the boat then me.......then some 16 ouncers.....



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I try the Potomac River the other day for few minutes ( I was riding the bike with the family on the C&O canal ) but not luck, I see some action on the water ( they was jumping )...

Hey that hook and the hand don't like each other.

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