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Tarpon fishing remains the most consistent and reliable fishery in the Haulover area. With an average of 3 to 4 fish per 4 hour evening trip along with Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and ladyfish there has been plenty of action to keep my clients busy. The tarpon have ranged in size from 70 – 100 pounds and they’ve been mean and nasty with a never give up attitude. The wind has been mostly E/ENE @ 11 – 20 knots.Brian and Tim combined to catch and release 3 of the 4 tarpon we hooked up. Throw in 5 Spanish mackerel and a ladyfish to make for a complete evening.Jim and Terry did battle with 4 tarpon and landed and released all 4. Terry got the big one weighing in at 100 pounds. Jim caught the other 3. Add in 4 bluefish, 3 Spanish mackerel, and 2 ladyfish for another great evening of action.Bob, Ken, and Al started their evening of tarpon fishing with 5 Spanish mackerel. They then finished off the evening with 2 out of 3 tarpon caught and released.Brian, Sean, and Danny warmed up with 4 bluefish, 2 Spanish mackerel and a ladyfish. They then tag teamed 3 tarpon and successfully landed and released 2 that weighed 100 pounds each.I have a couple more tarpon trips scheduled, so check back to see how we’ve done. Better yet, schedule a trip and learn firsthand why tarpon fishing is such a challenge. After your first tarpon catch and release, you’ll be addicted.Captain Dave KostyoKnot Nancy Fishing Charters,

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