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Banana River Lagoon Fishing on Fire!- Banana River- Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

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The Orlando Area Fishing Report from Spotted Tail 1.21.12

Upcoming Events Dept-

-The Old Florida Outdoor Festival, February 10, 11, and 12th. I will be there in the Coastal Angler Magazine booth, Saturday from 10-2, Sunday from 12-2.

-Merritt Island NWR Show and Tell Seminars- March 3 and 4. Read More Here... (Fishing Seminars-MINWR Show&Tell)

Fishing Tip Dept.-

I found this very important chart on the internet this week, Fish Temperature Preferences, by Bob Stearns. I suggest you go there and bookmark it.

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I fished two days this week. Tuesday Scott Radloff and I went to the Mosquito Lagoon. We found good numbers of trout and redfish, although they were not eating very well. We got four slot redfish using cut mullet and nothing on anything else we tried.

Thursday I went solo to the Banana River Lagoon no motor zone. I had the place to myself. That may have been due to the 73 degree temperature or maybe the almost 15 mph wind out of the north.

I did not get a bite for several hours. Those few fish I threw to just spooked off whatever fly I tried, or completely ignored it (in the case of the black drum). Finally had a trout take a black bunny leech I'd thrown on a blind cast to break the ice.

A black drum that would not respond made me change to a wool crab, although he did not respond to that either. I must have dragged the flies past his nose 40 times.

Finally, a nice black drum took the crab. Got way into the backing, love that! Got and released him.

Shortly after I got another big black drum on the first cast I threw to him. Same wool crab did the trick. Into the backing again.

Feeling better now, I spotted a redfish, a nice big one. Tossed the crab in front of him. A solid thump resulted.

I got the idea (again) to photograph myself fighting the fish. While I held onto th rod with one hand I got the camera out and set it up with the other. Ha! I'm taking pictures of myself. Isn't that cool?

Got the fish up close to me and was paying more attention to the camera than the fish. He ran between my legs and snapped off two feet of rod before I could even think about responding. Managed to get him anyway, and got a picture, too.

Hot Tip Dept.- When going to the no motor zone, always bring a spare fly rod.

Took out the spare fly rod (six-weight) and put the reel on it. Put the crab back on. Went looking for another fish. Ooh, there he is. Good cast--- Thump! another big red. Let's photograph him too. Got him, photographed him, released him.

Into the backing four times inside of two hours. I must be living right.

I hope I don't drop my camera in the water while doing this stuff. It's a real shaky setup.

Life is great and I love my work (and my days off, too!).

I keep saying it- life is short. Go Fishing!

John Kumiski

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