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Bill Gross

3 Days at MP10 - not a bite

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Looked forward to a quick trip to Nags Head for 3 days of fall fishing, at full moon, but nothing. Not a bite, not a lost bait ( Other than the piece the seagull took right off of my hook that was not in the water yet), nothing. Had a decent trough to work, no good inlets though. Put the drum rigs out , in, in the middle. High tide, outgoing, low, incoming. Nothing. I think crabs got a few snacks along with the damn seagulls that would not scram. Double bottom rigs for some smaller stuff were a no go as well.Not sure the bait was as good as I thought, might have had something to do with it . But I got new bait from a different store for the 2nd day, but still nothing.

I think it is the first time I was in the Outer Banks with out a bite. I am a little discouraged, but, hopefully striper season will be better in OC.

The new Jeanette's pier is something to see. Built like a battleship, goes out 1000 feet from the beach. Next trip I will spend some time out there, just ran out of time this trip.There is a Red Drum Aquarium under construction in the pier house.

There is a new inlet, about 3 miles south of the Oregon Inlet Bridge.NC DOT ( or whatever it is called there) just opened what looks like a temporary bridge over the new inlet on Monday night. You can see the old pavement under the water for a short distance, then the channel. It does not look deep, and I do not think it will be a fishing spot unless they dredge it out and make it more accessable.

Keep at it.


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