Chessie Bay / Pax River area

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The Blues have picked up a little in size, although there are MANY dinks around.

The shallows have been productive in the morning and late afternoon.

It used to be that the Stripers bit just before sunset, now the action is as early as 3 or 4 PM.

Fewer Stripers are being caught, as the Blues are voraciously attacking anything thrown in.

If you can get a heavier jig to the bottom quickly, you can land a decent Striper or larger Blue.

Water color is decent, it's cleared up fairly well, although not as nice as it was before LEE moved through.

As always, troll around and continuously scan for the birds. When you find them, toss anything in and you'll get Blues.

Average Blue size is 13", with an occasional 16 or 18" in the mix. Use light tackle.

Water temps in the upper 60s to sometimes 72 degrees.

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Thanks for the report! Chasing birds and crashing blues are always a lot of fun for me.

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