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Another Nice Cobia Today

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I saw the last good weather window for a couple of days so I made a quick trip.

I stopped at Atlantic Bait and Tackle this morning around 0530 hrs and picked up a couple of live eels and some ice from Tony. I departed at 0630 from Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach and went straight out to CB Buoy Line passing over several big schools of bait along the way. I caught two small Cobia at the first set of buoys. No.2 Buoy paid off with a nice fifty one inch Cobia that weighed in at about 36lbs. It ate a live eel that I tossed close to the buoy It ended up wrapping around the buoy and I had to make two circles around it to free up my line. I thought for sure I was going to lose it but luck prevailed and I managed to gaff it alongside my jet ski ten minutes later. I came straight back in by 0815 hrs. Took a parking lot shower and went to work. Thanks Kasen (sp) of Rudee Inlet Station Marina for taking the pics for me. I covered 18 miles and burned 4 gallons today. Here are some pictures.









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Sounds like it got a little busy at that bouy.It has been hard to get out with this weather.Glad you did.I have been doing maintenance between the raindrops.......Nice fish photos and sunrise.....

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