Back Bay NWR report 8/24/11

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Wednesday (8/24, 515-815pm) Refuge report:

Sporadic small (12”) blues on stingsilvers and berkley gulps ~ mini blitz would pop up here and there so ya had to chase’em up and down the beach unlike Tuesday evening’s epic affair. Doug worked the blues for the most part while I worked the heavers. I also caught a couple of spot. I did have a big very brief run and bite off by what I surmise was a big toothy critter.

The smoked and broke story goes like this here ~ bombed a fresh bloody bluefish head out with a 7oz pyramid on my RS 1509 & SHV30. 3-5 minutes later just as I finish reelin in my spot rig, I see my heaver bow over and start screaming from the spike. I throw the spot rig down into the sand and start running, a 30yd sprint and I’m on the rod, with a 9’0 Owner circle hook I just bend back apply pressure and put thumb on spool since initial blast run had stopped. I quickly remove thumb with the start of a second big run and I crank drag down. Another run more drag, another run a little more drag and now were bowed up big time only for another brief moment when my 50lb shock gets bit clean through. Right as I get bit off the water explodes about 200 yards out due east of me (fyi that this thing grabbed it and was headed for the horizon). At that moment I’m like a dolphin maybe? But wait no dolphins anywhere around before during or after?! So I reel in my chit with a slightly burnt thumb left only to ponder the size and type of it all.

Oh well next week eh :drunken_smilie:


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Sounds like a biggun!

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