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North Beach 8-15-11

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After consulting my fellow Atlantic Angler member Andre, I decided to hit North Beach on Monday night. I have not been there in over 5 years. I arrived at North Beach at around 7:45pm. It was great to see that the pier was not crowded and I was able to secure the hot spot on the far right corner. I noticed that other anglers were landing some nice croakers, blues, trouts and spots. Immediately after my first few cast, I was able to pickup some spots on blood worms. As it got later at night, I picked up some nice croakers on blood worms and blues on cut spot. We lucked out, that night, because they did not closed the pier at 11:00pm, so we continued to fish until 3:00am in the morning. It was a very productive night at NB. I had a great time catching fish and conversing with other anglers. North Beach was certainly a great place for catching fish on Monday. Thanks Andre for suggesting the location.






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If ya ever head down to Solomons, let me know.

I always have room for another hand on the boat.

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