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I was going to go out and run the buoys looking for cobia but it has been a steady 15-20 out of the NW so I decided to wait for better weather tomorrow.

I was in my kitchen looking out the window and I saw an osprey looking like he was ready to make a dive. Luckily my camera was close by and I got a couple shots as he hit the water and was coming up with a fish. The water was no more than two feet deep where he hit in the cove in my back yard. Another osprey dive bombed him as he was trying to fly off. The pictures were not to great because I was inside shooting through the window, but you get the idea. I see them diving often but not that often in my back yard, I am glad my camera was close by. Here are a couple pictures I took of them and some others.









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Thats neat thanks for sharing. What kind of fish do you think that was?

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I'm Guessing it was a striper.I love to see nature in action.Thanks for the post Brian.Enjoyed....

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