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Spot and Croaker all over the flats and walls.

Breaking Striper up to 30" every evening.

All the 20-24" you could ever want.

Doing some live line with Spot for larger Stripers.

Getting the breakers on pretty much anything you throw at them.

Still waiting for the Blues and Macks.

Swimming is good in the 70'-100' line at night.

Yeah, too many Cow-Nose out there now.


Yeah, fishing in a dress! With a stogie!


When it gets slow, the girls have pull-up contests, LOL!!!


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Hey Steve, we fish the same areas. I've had no luck this year so far with the live line, I live in between cove point and drum point. I've hardly seen any skates. Bait balls are running nice, I never have a problem catching bait, spot or LY. The flat I fish (Chinese mudd is what the area is called on map hot spots) on is over run by crab pots this year, all I do is feed them it seems. This is the first summer where I am kicking myself for not investing in a boat.

A couple of guys I work with have been fishing where that light house used to be by the point in front of the navy base (nice rocky area). They are slaying rock fish with top water plugs. The best time is as the sun is going down in the evening. How deep are you when you live line spot for rock fish? I setup right before the crab traps so I don't get the run around which is maybe 8-10ft at high tide.

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Thanks Salty Dog,I'm gonna fish offshore saturday,but when I come back i'll check out that area.Thanks also for the photos.Looks like you have some pretty fishing companions.Also thanks to you Plasticphork,and welcome to the forum...

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Hey Steve with all this crap about beach sharkin can I fish with you????:eusa_dance::eusa_dance::eusa_dance: Sure looks like you are having a good time!!!! Well done!

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Phil, anytime! You can ride down with me.

I'm going today about 1.

Probably tomorrow and Monday too.

I get back very late though, don't get into port until near midnight.

The nights I do get back early, I go out and recruit fishing "companions", LOL!

You got my number, give a shout.

Plasticphork, I know about the rip area, it's often overlooked by most people.

They see boats at the LNG and start piling in. I haven't caught anything there.

Yep, we just go outside the river and the Stripers are all over the place.

I'll use 6" or 4" white grubs on a jig head.

You can throw anything, doesn't matter, they'll hit it.

As for a better place for Spot, the cove inside the 3-legged marker in about 20' works well.

Pitch it toward the pedestrian bridge.

I use Fishbytes bloodworm.

Plenty of space and fish there every year, not really a secret.

If ya want to head out with me sometime, let me know.

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Went out last night for a few hours.

Started before sunset.

Spot were widespread, caught doubles every cast.

Best way to do it is to use a top/bottom rig with long-shank #6 hooks.

When one gets on, set the hook and let it sit about 15 seconds.

It's actions will bring in more and something will grab the 2nd bait, thus doubles.

Spotted breaking fish after seeing the birds on the radar.

It was about a half acre of Stripers tearing up the Bunker.

Tossed 4" grubs and landed fish on every cast.

Unfortunately, this school was full of dinks.

Live-lined Spot a little later and also bottom soaked large filets in hopes of bigger Stripes.

No takers except for one.

After a couple minutes, I believed it to be a Cow-Nose.

Twenty minutes later a 5' Ray surfaced. Not a Cow-Nose, but couldn't tell the species.

She brought it to the boat and it flapped hard, soaked her and got off.

Just as well, self-release, ya gotta' love it!

Will head out this evening.

Time to rig up the big Penn 115 for Bull Charkeys at night!!

Will need to keep a couple of Rays for that.

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Self release is the best way for those critters.Sout on the bay is the spot.Really sucks up on the north end.Thanks for the post Steve....

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Went out yesterday afternoon/evening.

Strolled across to Hooper's Island Lighthouse.

Tries small spoons for Macks all the way across and deep in the channel.

Blank, didn't see anything on the sonar or sidescan.

Tried the flats on the east side, nothing.

Back across to the Rips before sundown always yields a catch, so across we went.

Yep, sure enough, just like clockwork, the acres of breakers were there.

Lots of fish tearing up the surface.

Every cast landed a fish.

All fish were dinks though, 14-15 inch range.

Mostly Stripers but landed a few small Blues.

Nice to see they are there.

Sonar showed fish stacked from the surface to the bottom at 24'.

Tried to get a larger jig down to the bigger fish at the bottom but the smaller stuff wouldn't let it get down.

Used a small jig with a 2" curly tail grub, kept it high in the column.

After the breakers disappeared, went to the usual haunts to try for Spot.

Nada, zip, zilch.

Heading out, waves went flat a bit later.


After the bite, folks heading in.


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Same area as lead title...

The resident summer Stripers are in full swing.

Biggest found was about 17' though.

Some folks are "saying" they are getting them up to 30" by live-lining Spot.

I have not personally seen them though.

Morning and evening breakers with larger pings down below.

Bluefish mixed in everywhere you see breakers.

Have not seen any Blues big enough to keep.

Croaker of mixed size are all over the place, along with bait sized Spot.

Haven't caught any big Spot.

Been hitting the inlets and tossing the net for peanut Bunker.

LY everywhere but hard to net in deeper water, they just swim outside the net arc as it descends.

Went out last week to work the rips and channel but seas were too big.

Solid 4 footers with an occasional 5 footer thrown in.

No way we were going to anchor, we already had to hold on with two hands.

We came back in to calmer waters and decided to see what tasty adult beverages we had left in the cooler.


Day before, this is where the sun was when the breakers stopped.


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Went out Saturday for the evening frenzy.

Hit the Rips and kept two Stripers about 23' and a Blue about 18".

Many, many smaller Blues and Stripes on top.

It was a free-for-all, boats getting within 20 feet of each other maneuvering.

Guess they call it combat fishing, but everyone on all the boats were really nice.

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