Yep, lightning INSIDE boat!

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Yes Virginia, lightning does indeed strike inside boats.

This was the storm that passed through last week, it was a little one and forecast to NOT be bad.

Well, it blossomed right in front of us, including clouds turning green.

We scooted over to a cove to ride it out.

Couldn't get closer to shore because of the shallow water and expected swinging of the boat.

The boat has a hard top, most would think (as I did) that you would be safe under it.

Well, as you see in this video, you are NOT safe unless you hide in the cabin.

At about eight seconds, you hear what sounds like ricochets.

Then at about 11 seconds you can see a green flash and then a few whites at the top by the overhead lights.

We put the antennas and poles down, but in hindsight, I should have left the engines down too.

Engines down would help two-fold, quell the oscillations and improve grounding of the boat.

I lost my overhead lights and the GPS puck on top.

The rest of the videos are at: ‪sjp250's Channel‬‏ - YouTube

Check out the night storm videos, way cool!

I posted this so you can see for yourself and be safer on the water.

<iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="349" width="560"></iframe>

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Same thing happened to me at the CBBT Steve,swirling winds,hail, and lightning.A long 20 min. later it was all over....Glad everyone is safe.Yes those tops are good to keep you dry,aluminum frame is the conductor.....

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holy crap steve, glad you guys are alright. thats insane footage.

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