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A Bigger Cobia From My Jet Ski

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I departed my house in Poquoson Va. around 0645 hrs trying to beat the heat. It was 84 degrees when I left and 99 degrees outside right now. Yesterday it hit 102.

I ran straight across the bay and cast live eels to the buoys along the Baltimore Shipping Lanes in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. While I was out there I ran into and talked to a friend, Tom of Williamsburg. He is just getting into jet ski fishing this year and tried with no luck today. I took a couple pics of him throwing eels at buoys.

I saw several Cobia and finally found one that was hungry. He hit right on the surface and ripped out a fifty yards of 65 lb braided line from my Shimano Bait runner 3500. He then proceeded to make several laps around my ski and after about 15 minutes I was able to gaff him and pull him on board. What a blast!

Tom was close by and got a couple pictures for me before I headed home.

My wife met me back at my house where I iced him down took him to get weighed. Ended up being 57.6 lbs and 59 inches long for a Virginia Saltwater Citation! Woo Hoo! All of this before 1100 am. I covered 30 miles and burned 7 gallons today. Here are some pictures from today.








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WOW! Amazing fish...

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Alllright,Nice that Tom was there to get those on the ski shots,really enjoyed the post......

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