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Andrew K

Back Bay Report - Sunday July 10

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After spending a week in CT for work, i had to get out this weekend. sunday i decided to hit the beach, since its been a while since ive been down there. this year has started off slow, seems to be the talk from a lot of my fellow surf friends.

hit the beach about 8, maybe 9am. water was low, found my buddy John set up on a nice trough/hole. water was really clear, tons of crabs stealing bait, and best of all, no croaker to be found. the spot were everywhere, good sized ones too, just not the giants we see later in the summer. Neil and his crew john us around lunch time.

several big pods of bunker working their way up and down the beach, occasional bluefish pulled from them, but they were small too.

fished all day, with every bait i can think of: fresh spot, fresh mullet, frozen bunker, fresh bunker, frozen bluefish, fresh bluefish, not one single bump, tap, anything on the heavers (and we had a mean spread out, about 15 rods) close in, out far, in the trough, etc, etc. nothing all day.................

UNTILL the last hour of day light (after the disappeared over the dunes), then John's rod doubles over, but no drag, he comes tight on a decent sized southern ray. everyone is excited since that is the first action a heaver has seen all day....

at this point we are running out of day light quickly, i take the last fresh spot out of the cooler, cut him in half, diagonally, and put everything i had left into the cast and sent him to Europe (didn't quite make it, almost though). set the rod back in the spike and reel in my other heaver. JUST as i get the other rod reeled in, all of a sudden our favorite sound breaks the evening silence...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ i look over and my heaver is doubled over and drag screaming as something is dumping my 300 yards of 20lb. pick up the rod and come tight on it, whatever "it" may be and it doesn't stop. as i start to get close i start walking toward the surf, that walk becomes a run as i try to get some line back, finally "it" stops, and the battle finally begins. give take give take, for the next ten minutes, finally start feeling some head shake, thought "it" might have been another ray, but I started to have my doubts with the way it felt. the fight goes on and then we see a big splash about thirty yards out but still can't identify "it". get "it" a little closer and we see the tail and dorsal, its NOT a ray, but a SHARK, good sized one too. finally get it close enough to get our hands on it and Matty grabs the tail to land the shark. get him out of the water and hes a feisty 5-5.5 ft Sand Bar shark, who is a little try to take some pictures but it was almost dark and the camera was acting up, i did get video though, will upload it tonight.

that was my first big shark of the year, while it was not that big, still a good size, and good fight. i was starting to forget why i love the beach so much. its almost time for those evening trips to sand bridge.... :laughing-smiley-002:

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