Mid Chessie Report

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Made lots of runs from Solomons out to Ceder Point, LNG docks and in the Pax.

Spot about 6-8" are on the western flats, along with some 16" Croaker.

Still live-lining Spot and Bunker for Stripers (22-26") in about 25' on the west side.

A few Blues are showing up but are small.

Up in the Pax, netting a lot of peanut Bunker in the shallows.

Cow-Nose Rays are in abundance in most of the shallows and the flats.

Try to stay away from using cut bait on the bottom unless you want to deal with a Ray.

Surface water temps are around 80 but drop quickly just below the surface.

Night fishing for Croaker has been very productive.

The nights have been very smooth, with a little breeze.

The bugs have laid down, all those things they call Mayflies (but aren't) have just about disappeared.

Swimming is good, but the Jellies are starting to come in now.

Night before last we took a swim about midnight.

We launched off the boat right into a bunch of stingers!

All in all, it's a good time of year!



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Thanks for the report.I fished Latimer shoals,in front of Kiptopeake,and caught a mess of little trout(weakfish) and spot.No croakers at all,a few kingfish in the mix,and a couple flounder.I was floating live spot on a couple rods in hopes of a cobia,but they got ate up by small sharks.Also fished out of Tilghman Island by Sharps Island light,and caught stripers with bloodworms ,biggest one was 24",rest were under size limit........

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